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We are an accounting software solutions company. When it comes to implementing suitable and cost effective accounting software solutions for your business, we are the EXPERT!

Our Services

Our services are tailored towards getting your businesses and finances more organized and more productive with robust core accounting and customizable business management features that save you time and money.

Accounting Software Sales And Installation

Skytrend Consulting sells and help to install accounting software and solution for your business organizations whether product or service-oriented.

Accounting Software Training

We conduct bi-monthly, ad-hoc and implementation training for our numerous clients. This will arm them with needed tools to operate the software and obtain their financial reporting of the business activities

Accounting Systems Set Up & Implementation

Our accounting systems set up and implementation services include instituting a proper accounting system for your business, deploying a custom made accounting solution to all your service products and financial records.

We deploy accounting software to our clients’ business to enable them articulate and automate their daily business transactions

Recommend, install suitable accounting solution

We analyse your business and recommend a suitable accounting software solution that best fit your operations.

Team Training & Advancement

Once we are satisfied with the proper accounting solution, we implement it into the business to track your income, costs and profitability. We train your accountants and store managers on utilization and daily processes.

Internal audit and institute proper controls

We institute a proper internal control system for your business. This ensures compliance to accounting processes and reduces fraud to the barest minimum.

No hassles, no guesswork.

We are experts in implementing accounting solutions and setting up proper accounting systems backed up by structured internal controls for your business, so that you don’t have to worry at all about the real metrics behind your organization.

How it works

We execute efficiency your organization requires whether you’re after rapid expansion, steady growth, or maintaining stability. We help to easily manage customers, manage inventories, track income and payment, track your store and stock items, automate purchasing and supplies, track jobs, and properly maintain inventory and equally track their usage!


Apply online within minutes.

You can reach any member of our team through our email, by calling our business phone number, or by chatting us on WhatsApp. And give us your brief


Business review and proposal approval

We will do a quick analysis and review of your of your business and operations. We will send you an implementation proposal within hours that addresses your need.


We proceed to project execution

Once you approve our proposal, our team get to work immediately wherever you are in Nigeria or outside. Our implementation and training is usually within a one week period.

Featured Testimony

Skytrend Consulting is a friend in need and a friend indeed. They're a partner and stakeholder for and in your business success. They establish your business and become your growth partner. They support your operations and deliver value that promote profitability and optimize cost. With them, you're covered!

— Wasiu Babalola, Phd FIH, ;SVP, Africa

Continent Worldwide Hotel, Turkey


Our Clients

More than 30 companies cannot be wrong...therefore, you're in a good hands


Got questions? We've got answers. These are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Customer care

How can I contact your company or representatives?

Any of our prospective clients can reach us by WhatsApp, message or calling our business number... 0803 239 3958. We can also be reached through email: or



Will your accounting solutions fit into my business and are they affordable?

Our accounting solutions can fit and be tailored into any type of business you run. After we review your operations, we will recommend a suitable solution that best suit your business. We have different solutions that speak into the type, size and budget of your business, we have a solution for you.



Who is Skytrend Consulting?

We are an expert in accounting software solutions and implementation of a proper accounting system and control for businesses. We provide digital tools backed by proven business strategies to help our clients increase organizational efficiency for accuracy, cost optimization, revenue projections and increased profitability while you focus on the operational strategies and functions of the business. We have worked for countless numbers of clients cut across different states in Nigeria.



What will my business and staff gain from your implementation?

Your staff will be able to manage the company’s payments (vendors and suppliers), collections, receivables, (customers) cash and bank balances by the use of our automated solution. Income statement reports, profitability and balance sheet for your business.


Not answered above?

We are always here to serve your best interest and so if your question is currently not answered above, please, click on contact us.

Why Use Accounting Solution?

Here're reasons why you should try Skytrend accounting solutions and never be left out in managing your business the proper way.

Skytrend Solutions
Without Skytrend
Cost Optimization
Optimum Profit
Payments Collection
Receipts & Invoices
Financial metrics
Prevent Fraud
Inventory Management
Financial Analysis
Timely Support

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We focus on service oriented organizations, consultancy businesses, organizations selling large retail or wholesale goods, hotels and hospitality businesses, restaurants and bar, religious organizations, school, logistics businesses, manufacturing businesses and construction companies.

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