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Accounting Software Expert in Nigeria: Skytrend Consulting Ltd

Skytrend Consulting Ltd is an accounting software expert company incorporated in Nigeria. When it comes to implementing suitable and cost effective accounting software solutions for your business, we are indeed the EXPERT!

Our Services
Our services are tailored towards getting your businesses and finances more organized and more productive using accounting software solutions with robust core financing and customizable business management features that save you time and money.

1. Accounting Software Sales And Installation

Skytrend Consulting helps to install accounting software and solution for your business organizations whether product or service oriented. Our software solutions are easy to use, and quite simplified even with or without the basic accounting skills.​

2. Accounting Software Solution Training

Our services include training programs that build staff capacities on appropriately and effectively using the newly installed accounting solution to manage the organization’s financial processes and procedures.

We ensure to train your staff on how to use the software solution. Whether they have accounting background or not, our training bridges the gap and simplifies the process.

If you invest time and money on training up, employees will be better equipped to handle their daily financial responsibilities. This will also make it easier for employees to train new hires on the system, and to assist one another with software questions and issues.

3. Accounting Systems Set Up and Implementation

Our accounting systems set up and implementation services include instituting a proper accounting system for your business, deploying a custom made software solution to all your service products and financial recording processes.

We implement accounting software solutions for our clients based on their line of business services. Our wide range of knowledge spans across different industries such as hospitality, manufacturing, goods and services, construction, NGOs, schools and other forms of businesses.

More, once implemented, your labour intensive accounting task becomes automated, it accelerate tax preparation, manages customers and vendors and reduce the risk of human error in the workplace which eliminates critical bottlenecks such as inaccurate audit information.

We will work with you to evaluate existing internal processes and explore how they can be enhanced or improved upon with the help of our software solutions.

Our implementation involves basically:

i. Evaluation and strengthening of existing system of internal control if existent and creating a new one if non-existent; blocking all areas of potential frauds and losses, stock wastage and advances pilfering.

ii. Implementation of appropriate accounting software solution to your business financial systems.

iii. Entire setting up of a proper accounting system that includes charts of accounts appropriate for the organization, maintenance and updating of customers and vendors records, and setting up of a proper inventory recording and management systems.

In effects, our implementation will achieve the following objectives:

Help to manage the company’s payments, collections, receivables, cash and bank balances by the use of the automated solution.

Gain insight with custom reporting for budgeting, cash flow management, and bench-marking.

Get a high-level view of your key metrics.

Track stock inventory movement and balances, plan purchases, or expand service offerings.

Reduce errors and deter fraud with screen-level security and a clear audit trail

Work more efficiently with customer, vendor, and inventory management centers

Save cash and reduce costs using “what if” scenarios and your real-time financial information.

Periodically produce income and expenditure reports for the business and analyse financial trend at a glance.

4. Accounting Staff Outsourcing & HR Services

We provide accounting outsourcing services for our clients. We can manage your entire accounting department and help you have a broad overview of what the figures are saying and their implication for your business growth.

We also hire staff for our clients. We have a robust database of qualified and professionally certified accountants in different areas across the country that can meet the demands of our clients at the nick of time.

We encourage employees to submit their CVs with us and potential clients and organizations seeking to hire top quality staff to equally register with us on need basis.

5. Financial Consultancy and Retainership

We help our clients identify how they can make the most of the market position they have established in the past and decide where to take their business next. We revisit and update our clients’ business plan with their new strategy in mind and make sure they introduce new business opportunities and developments. We advise our clients on statutory payments such as taxes, govt levies, and on systems audits and controls. We provide oversight functions on accounting and audits department to reinforce regime of tight internal controls

If you would like to engage us on consultancy or retainership basis, feel free to contact us: 0803 385 7245, 0803 239 3958, 0913, 903 4249. Our email is Our website is We are also on facebook, twitter, linkedin and whatsapp.

10 Associated benefits to be derived from engaging our accounting software experts

Once an accounting software is implemented by any of our expert, the following processes functions automatically:

1. The software manages the company’s payments, collections, receivables, cash and bank balances.

2. The accounting software helps you to gain insight with periodic reporting for turnover, costs, profit, and cash flow management and budget figures of your business.

3. The software helps you Get a high-level view of your key business and financial metrics.

4. The software eradicate or reduces to the barest minimum errors and when made helps you detect and correct them. It also easily reveal, deter fraud with screen-level security and a clear audit trail

5. The software allows you to work more efficiently with customers, vendors, and completely manages the inventory management centers. If you’re into production and sales of goods.

6. The software Save cash and reduce costs using “what if” scenarios and your real-time financial information.

7. The accounting software Periodically produce income and expenditure reports and balance sheet for the business and he’ll you analyse financial trend at a glance.

8. The software Helps to reinforce the internal control system of your organisation and block all potential avenues for fraud, pilferage and thefts.

9. The software manages your entire payroll and employee system. It produces your payroll at the end of the month with a additions and deductions automatically analysed.

10. The software has access limit for every single user depending on what aspect of the business and finance they’re approved to manage. It has a Central admin who supervises every single financial activity of each user.

Need an accounting software for your business? Hotline: Call or Whatsapp 0803 385 7245 or 0803 239 3958. If you also have an article or review on financial implementation or an accounting solution you want us to publish, send to

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