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Femi Adeoya is an accounting software expert and CEO, Skytrend Consulting Ltd

Accounting software expert, Femi Adeoya, takes on small and medium scale businesses

Femi Adeoya, an accounting software expert, says his organization aims to digitize small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria in order to make them accounting software compliant.

Mr Adeoya who’s the CEO of Skytrend Consulting Ltd, an accounting software solutions company for over 8 years, has worked as an accountant for over 20 years for different organizations and has been involved with the use and implementation of different accounting software solution for this period. He is an associate member, Institute of Forensics and Certified Fraud Examiners of Nigeria.

“When it comes to implementing suitable and cost effective accounting software solutions for your business, Skytrend Consulting takes the EXPERT lead”, says Adeoya.

He advises small business owners, “If you need help in Implementing an effective accounting software for your businesses, whatever the type of business, whatever your budget, wherever your business may be located, we will be right there to provide a presentation/Demo and workable solution that will get your business working again.”

He adds, “We have implemented accounting software for over 30 companies and still counting. We will make your financial processes digitized, seamless, fraud proof and report ready real time.

Skytrend Consulting Ltd is indeed the accounting software expert for small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria.

Need an accounting software for your business? Hotline: Call or Whatsapp 0803 385 7245 or 0803 239 3958.



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