Reps, Senators in Liberia Agree to over 30% pay cut

Members of the house of representatives and senate of Liberia have accepted a pay cut of 31% and 36% respectively in order to fund their budget 2019/2020.

The lawmakers voted to a slash in their monthly earnings by 31 percent and that of the senate by 36 percent.

The lower legislative chamber voted in favour of the cut when it recently passed the country’s draft national budget of $526 million for the 2019/2020 fiscal year.

FrontPageAfrica, a Liberian magazine, reports that the house said it slashed the lawmakers’ salaries and benefits to accommodate the pay of government workers, including about 1,200 health workers.

It said the cut was also to realise its projections, avoid the recurrence of budget shortfall as well as meet the International Monetary Fund (IMF) standards.

The report of the joint committee on ways, means, finance, and public accounts and expenditure also indicate the house removed the $7 million contingent revenue as was initially provided for in the budget.

The report reads:

“By this, the Committees with the mandate of Plenary instituted a national action that led to the proposed reduction of all employees’ salaries by six percent in the Executive excluding teachers, medical and security personnel, and those earning US$500 and below, while members of the National Legislature will have a reduction of 31 percent or US$2,586 (for House of Reps.) and 36 percent or US3,600 (for the Senate) net of monthly income tax for salaries and allowances, and other reductions to include 50 percent cut in gasoline distribution, so as to address compensation gap.”

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  1. Good for Liberia.

    Here in Naija this is what I want.

    Scrap the Senate, reduce the number of house of representatives and place them on minimum wage.

    That’s all……

  2. the Nigerian legislators and executives- including the presidency should also follow.Every year,billions of naira is budgeted for them, their should be a cut if they are sincere.The funny thing is that hungry citizens are supporting them.

  3. These are people who’s love for country beats their personal interest unlike ours.

    Wished ours would even agree to a 15% slash.

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